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Yoshino Naganohara



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Japanese Name: 長野原 よしの
Romanized Name: Naganohara Yoshino
English Name: Yoshino Naganohara
First Appearance: Episode 2
Affiliated: Mio Naganohara (sister)
Tamamura (Friend)
Japanese VA: Motoko Kobayashi
English VA: Maxey Whitehead

Yoshino Naganohara is Mio's older sister. She likes to wear costumes, and often plays pranks on her sister. Mio often beats her up for it. Yoshino practices kendo, and is very skilled at it.


She has medium length blueish-purple hair with bangs that go just past her shoulders, and wide purple eyes. She normally has a small blush on her cheeks, like Mio.


She loves to play pranks on people, even pranking a person that she had just met.


Mio Naganohara

Mio Naganohara is Yoshino's younger sister. She also attends the same kendo dojo as Yoshino. When it comes to pranks, she is Yoshino's favorite victim.

Although Yoshino is proficient in kendo, she never tries to counter whenever Mio hits her with rolled up paper or corkscrew punches - which usually happens after Yoshino has pulled a prank on Mio.


Tamamura is Yoshino's friend. She goes to same college as Yoshino. Sometimes, Yoshino goes to Daiku Cafe[1] to meet her.

Misato Tachibana

Misato Tachibana is Yoshino's junior at their kendo dojo. She respects Yoshino.

Mihoshi Tachibana

A middle schooler, Mihoshi is Yoshino's junior in a kendo dojo, and looks up to Yoshino. Her dream is to land a clean hit on the Assistant Instructor, just as Yoshino did. Her dream had finally come true in Episode 22, though it was an accident.

Koujirou Sasahara

Yoshino's junior at their kendo dojo. He practices with her.

Assistant Instructor

The assistant instructor in the dojo where Yoshino and her friends practice kendo. When Yoshino was still a first year in middle school, she managed to land a clean hit on him.

Other relationships

  • Nano Shinonome : A complete stranger on chance encounter, Nano became another target of Yoshino's playful behavior.
  • Sakamoto : Yoshino had pet him while with Mihoshi.



She is a genius of the art, and managed to win in the national competition despite the fact that she is too lazy to train. She claims that she will become weaker if she practices. She has even scored a hit on her Assistant Instructor when she was still a first year in middle school.

Expert Prankster

Besides spontaneous pranks, she has been shown to be dedicated enough to pull elaborated pranks:

  • After tampering with Mio's alarm clock, Yoshino chases Mio while dressed in her old high school uniform, while wearing two masks. She had also prepared a wooden fish and a golden fish inside of her bag to further stress her sister.
  • Creating an awful jam, she asks Mio to test it's taste during a water outage. Knowing Mio would need to wash down the taste, she had prepared hot tea and a milk carton full of the jam.

Her level of expertise may be on par with Mai Minakami, as seen in the manga, wherein both attempt to prank each other.


She is good at cooking, but not when making marmalade.


  • She is never seen playing pranks on Yukko.
  • She is never seen failing to prank Mio.
  • Her appearance is allegedly very similar to to that of her mother.


  1. on Nichijou Uchujin.

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