Tokisadame Highschool

This is the school where most of the main characters attend, and a workplace for Izumi Sakurai, Manabu Takasaki, and Kana Nakamura. The headmaster is Principal Shinonome.



Isesaki Commercial Highschool

It is based off Isesaki Commercial High School in the Gunma prefecture, being the high school that Keiichi Arawi (Nichijou's creator) attended.

The Faculty


Class 1-B

1-B (7)
The class where the "Tests are over" short takes place. No known characters are in this class exept Manabu Takasaki.

Class 1-O

The class where Yuria Sekiguchi and Makoto Sakurai study.

Class 1-Q

This is the class where majority of the casts study in.
Here entire students from this class

Class 2-A

This is the class where Ogi studies.

Class 2-P

Class 2-P
This is the class where Kenzaburou Daiku, Misato Tachibana, Fe-chan, Weboshii, Koujirou Sasahara and Hirose study.

Science Preparation Room


Nano bringing Nakamura some books in the Science Preparation Room.

This room is used by Nakamura, and she is usually seen scheming on how to capture and examine Nano, occasionally trying to capture her in the room.


  1. Reference from wikipedia japan. Appeared only once in manga, ch. 28; replaced by Takasaki-sensei in anime.
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