Tenkawa News Paper

The Tenkawa Newspaper company consists of a group of characters who formed in order to start a revolution against their rival newspaper company, Daiku Newspaper. They only have 6 customers. Annaka, Nakamura and Izumi Sakurai are noted as Tenkawa Newspaper customers.


President: The founder of the Tenkawa Newspaper. He wears a long robe.

Hayabasu: An employee of Tenkawa Newspaper known to have gotten 3 customers in one day. Prior to joining, he had sold Mio her wooden cubes and Ananaka her ribbon. He is shirtless, has a shaved head and is extremely muscular.

Shooting Star: An employee of Tenkawa Newspaper. He throws tantrums to get people to subscribe.

Hikoroku: An employee of Tenkawa Newspaper, he wears a spiked iron-ball.

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