Nomi Yuuji
Nomi Yuuji


野見 祐二


Nomi Yūji


July 19, 1958


arranger & composer

Yuji Nomi (野見 祐二 Nomi Yūji, born July 19, 1958, in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese composer. Best known for his film scores and orchestral compositions (including the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli’s 1995 animated film, Whisper of the Heart), Nomi’s music career started in his youth. His strong interests in arts and music began with private study and eventually led to him composing music for his friend’s modern art performances in galleries. These multitrack, synthesizer recordings caught the attention of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and through his endorsement and supervision, Nomi released his first LP album, Oshare TV (Oshare Terebi) for MIDI Record in 1986.

His works in TV Animation Series

  1. 2004 Phoenix. NHK, Tezuka Productions
  2. 2007 Bokurano. Gonzo
  3. 2011 Nichijou/My Ordinary Life. Kyoto Animation, Kadokawa
  4. 2012 Say "I love you", Zexcs

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