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Nichijou no Radio Digest 02
Nichijou DVD BD 2 Special Edition Bonus CD (2011)
Song by
Song Info
Duration 29:26
Composer Kyoto Animation
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 2
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Previous song Hakase no Same to Inu
(Kenichi Maeyamada version.)
Next song None

Nichijou no Radio Digest 02 is a radio dingest from the Nichijou soundtrack. Where is conversation about Nichijou and some Chit Chat with Shinonome Family character voice actors and Tokisadame Schoolgirl i.e trio sucharaka. And Misuzu Togashi aka Minakami Mai as first guest.

Nichijou OST - Nichijou no Radio Digest 02-0

Nichijou no Radio Digest 02

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