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Nichijou (X)




Volume 10 Special Edition
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publicaton date December 10, 2015[1]
Parts 1 – 18
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Preceded by
Nichijou (10)
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Nichijou X is a bundle of the Special Edition of Nichijou volume 10.



Nichijou 10 Special Edition publicity



The evolution of each character's art. (Yuuko, Mio, Mai, Nano, Hakase, and Sakamoto)

Pied Piper

Daiku recruit Mai, Yukko, Mio, and Nano to join the Igo soccer club.

Let's go

Mio and Yukko play the kite from Ma-chan & Osamu. but it doesn't go well.

Natural mother

Yukko wants to make pranks on Mio's home but Mio's mother can't keep her promise.


  • At the very end : Principal confused watch his 2 students fighting.
  • A festival in the neighborhood : Annaka gets bad luck in a row.
  • Fecchan's last riddle: Fecchan asks Weboshi the setup to a pun: What is a pen that is always surprised? Weboshi answers, "A surprised pen.", Fecchan says it's wrong until Daiku shows his surprised pen.
  • Fireworks festival tonight : Annaka watching the fireworks, but the fireworks didn't pop up.


Yukko wants to surprise Mio but Yukko can't surprise a depressed Mio.

Ion Supply

The Trio take a vacation into the hill. Yukko brings a Pocari drink and she's shed her drink by accident.

Catch a cold

Mai still has a fever, which causes her to see things... differently.

Do it yourself

Nakanojou and Tanaka build the aviary. and Nakanojou gets stuck in the aviary. Takasaki and Igo soccer members help them.


Izumi asks Makoto about her difference as a teacher.

Strong wind

Yukko and friends are walking to school. but a strong wind came and the wind Blows Yukko very far.

I can't stop my hiccups

Yukko tries to cure Mio's hiccups. Yukko and Mio beating about it and Nano try to calm them. Then Yukko has an Idea to cure Mio's hiccups. Yukko... wear a hood and holding a fork and knife on her hand to surprised Mio but failed and Nano surprised. Then Yukko wants to sneeze, and Mio and Nano finally got surprised because the udon came from Yukko's nose.

Kita Veppu

Mio got a tumble. and something weird happens to Mio. Mio says herself is "Kita Veppu, Manabu". Yukko confused about Koi fish Mio talking about. Buddy appears in front of Yukko and Mio named it "Koi". Kita Veppu!

You only live twice

Nakanojou and Tanaka finally complete the aviary they're built. while they celebrate it on the roof of the school, Misato came and targeting Sasahara. the bullet Misato aim on Sasahara shots Nakanojou and Tanaka.

Time is waiting for you

Sasahara returning Hirose to Daiku.

Once more

Annaka met Itako on the street.


Arawi shows the result who's the most popular characters with fans vote.

A last

Arawi's letter.



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