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Nichijou: Uchuujin
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Game Info
Japanese title 日常(宇宙人)
Developer Vridge Inc.
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten (Japan)

Nichijou: Uchuujin (日常(宇宙人), My Ordinary Life: Space Alien) is a PlayStation Portable video game developed by Vridge and published by Kadokawa Shoten and was released on July 28, 2011. The game follows a visual-novel style and is said to have about 300 different scenes and multiple endings in the entire game.
NOTE: The game only has the Japanese language.

The official website is here

English fan translation is being worked here. feel free to helping out.


  • CITY map
  • School map

You can choose any main character on the map. The game started at 9:00 am until 04:00 pm, every character you choose the time will move forward for 20 minutes.

  • choosing a character
  • roulette to choose the antenna

After you choose the character, the roulette will show up and make you to determine what antenna will you get.

How to play


Antenna 1

The antennas

There's 3 Antennas who it will lead and affect the lead of the story and Roulette for determine your choice.

The antenna :

  • -antennaB Buddy: Raise up the main character for 10%
  • -antennaS Sakamoto: Raise up the guest character for 10%
  • -antennaK Principal: Raise up the Vote for 10%



This Roulette will determine what antenna will you get.
(Note: Don't choose the antenna reach until 100%, that will fail your process.)




Now you should vote one of Hot, Warm, or Cool by pressing:

  • Square / HOT(MAKE IT BURN).
  • Triangle / WARM (see the situation).
  • Circle / COOL (cool, show the humanity).


  • Antena Character popularity
  • Antena Character Viewer rating

this is the status of the story who it will lead the ending. The most popular characters are the one who gets the ending.



Princess Starla decide

After you competed 3 each scenes Starla will make a evaluation.

今回の視聴率 (This viewer rating)

  • -kou Kou : you will get 2 flower cards (Hanafuda) if you got a high viewing rate.
  • -otsu Otsu : Not bad and You will get 1 flower card if you got a few viewing rate.
  • -hei Hei : you lose 1-5 soldiers if you lose a few viewing rate.
  • -tei Tei : you lose 6-10 soldiers if you lose a pretty high viewing rate.
  • -bo Bo: this is the worst, you lose 11-30 soldiers if you play badly.



this is the plot scene of Yukko, you can see what's the situations about.


after the middle of the story, it will cut a votes process, and it will bring you to the vote stages.


You can see 3 colors you can choose Hot, Warm, or Cool
The time you got is 30 seconds.
In this 30 seconds, you must make it the highest bar and Princess Starla will give her opinion. she will see the process you choose.


After the vote, the plot will continue. It will have 3 different endings on the vote you chooses.


The Princess watch the process.




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