Nakanojou no Theme
Nichijou BD 1 (2011)01OKL
19 - Nakanojou no Theme
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Duration 1:38
Composer Nomi Yuuji
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Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 1
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Nakanojou no Theme (Nakanojou's Theme) is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. Although its title would imply that it is generally used in scenes featuring Tsuyoshi Nakanojou, it is more often used in scenes that don't involve him. It was used in Episode 1 (Part 1), Episode 2 (Part 7), Episode 3 (Part 10), Episode 4 (Nakanojou), Episode 6 (Part 23), Episode 13 (80-point Mongolian and Secret), Episode 15 (Part 62), Episode 19 (Newbie, Parts 1, 2, & 3), Episode 21 (Part 88), Episode 22 (Part 93), and Episode 23 (Part 98).

Of those scenes, Nakanojou only "stars" in two of them (Nakanojou, and Part 93), while featuring in Part 88 (Fe-chan describes the good deeds she's seen "the kid with the Mohawk" doing). The brief Newbie scenes are loosely related to Nakanojou in that it features his father; Part 62 involves Takasaki-sensei observing Makoto and Izumi Sakurai, eventually being interrupted by Haruka Annaka because Nakanojou is unconscious in the science lab, so he also has a loose connection there. However, aside from being one of many students streaming into class in Part 1, the other six have no connection with Nakanojou at all.

The track starts with an oboe melody, accompanied by a steady beat on the marimba. It maintains interest by repeating its melody in stretto and switching between minor and major keys.

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