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Misato Tachibana


08 misato01Misato 01


Japanese Name: 立花 みさと
Romanized Name: Tachibana Misato
English Name: Misato Tachibana
First Appearance: Episode 1
Affiliated: Sasahara Koujirou(Crush)
Mihoshi Tachibana (Sister)
Weboshi (Friend)
Fe-chan (Friend)
Japanese VA: Chika Horikawa
Misato Tachibana is a high-school student who generally acts cold towards Koujirou whenever he does anything that reminds her of how she likes him, or simply doing anything at all – basically Tsundere. She is also closely affiliated to her Trio group which includes Fe-chan and Weboshii; two of her best friends.


She has a short length, peach-coloured hair, and brownish eyes. Also has small blushes on her cheeks. Usually, in the mention of Kojirou, her face blushes a deep red.


Misato happens to bare the Tsundere attitude in which she expresses when she interacts, or even a mere reminder or mention of Koujirou. This attitude can also come with an array of weaponry that she constantly summons seemingly from nowhere and fires at Koujirou. The weapons are loaded with blanks filled with flour, often resulting in him being colored entirely white. Her thoughts for Koujirou seem sensitive enough, that during any normal conversation, she somehow manages to usually trace everything back to Koujirou even when he wasn't involved in it, leading her to wildly blurt out assumptions relating to future relationships, such as marriage and children, that nobody said.

In relation to being a Tsundere, she is also hot-tempered and caring towards her younger sister Mihoshi Tachibana whom she waits for and walks with home.


Fe-chan & Weboshi

The three interact well together, as they share secrets with each other (such as crushes and relationships) and play mini-games together as well.


Misato has a crush on Koujirou, but she never admits it. Due to her tsundere attitude towards him, Misato often leads to wild guesses and assumptions which almost lead to letting Koujirou having to know that Misato truly has a crush on him. In one episode, Misato was guiding Koujirou to the next class due to the fact that she broke Koujirou's glasses, which brought attention to most people in school, especially Mio.

Yoshino Naganohara

Misato and Yoshino are both quite close as friends considering they both attend the same Kendo class. They both get along well in a friendly competition during their Kendo class, as shown in an episode.

Mihoshi Tachibana

The younger sister of Misato.


  • Her character popularized another slang: GUNdere - taking the Tsundere personality associated with guns.

Misato's weapon list

  • Revolver.
    2Part8 (18)
  • Gatling Cannon.
    2Part8 (02)
  • P-90.
    Vending Machine (18)
  • Bazooka.
    2Part8 (28)
  • 3x3 Rocket Launcher.
    2Part8 (04)
  • Grenade.
  • Cannon.
  • Mini green tank thing

Character songs

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