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Manabu Takasaki


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Japanese Name: 高崎学
Romanized Name: Takasaki Manabu
English Name: Manabu Takasaki
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 1"
Affiliated: Principal Shinonome (boss)
Kousuke Oura (boss)
Izumi Sakurai (Co-worker/crush)
Tomioka (Co-worker)
Akagi (Co-Worker)
Kana Nakamura (Co-Worker)
Japanese VA: Tetsu Inada
English VA: Shawn Gann
Manabu Takasaki is a 26 year-old male teacher who has romantic feelings for Izumi Sakurai. However, he is unable to tell Izumi as he is too shy to admit that he has feelings for Izumi. He also becomes extremely anxious and agitated whenever he is in a position to express these feelings, or believes that he is being seen while showing them. Thus, he was eventually blackmailed into sponsoring and coaching Igo Soccer after Makoto, Izumi's brother, bribes him with pictures of his sister. He teaches Japanese Literature to students.


  • Regular clothes
  • Summer clothes
  • Casual clothes
He has dark brown hair. As a teacher, he is mostly seen wearing a black trouser, black suit with a white shirt and blue tie with a full-Windsor knot. Sometimes he wears a long-sleeved white shirt without wearing the suit and the tie.



Izumi Sakurai, an easily flustered teacher, is herself a cause of agitation for Takasaki.

Takasaki is usually calm but he tends to panic in situations where he has too many tasks or when nervously talking to his crush, Izumi Sakurai. When he panics, his mind crashes and he carelessly talks about things that make situations more awkward. He also becomes extremely anxious and agitated whenever he is in a position to express these feelings or believes that he is being seen while showing them.

Coaching Igo Soccer

Since he was blackmailed by Makoto Sakurai, who bribed him with pictures of her sister, he is now sponsoring and coaching Igo Soccer.
Once, when he was a student in a certain school, he was an MVP of Igo Soccer.


Izumi Sakurai

He has a crush on her, he likes everything she likes. Takasaki can always be seen imagining about Sakurai whenever she is with him.

Makoto Sakurai

He always forces him to be his coach, in the end, he did.


She always forgets her homework. As a result, he forces Yukko to stand out in the hall.


She has a crush on him.


  • Takasaki is a reference to Takasaki City, the largest city in Keiichi Arawi's home prefecture, Gunma.

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