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Kousuke Oura


17 kyoutou01Kyoutou 01


Japanese Name: 教頭先生
Romanized Name: Kyōtō sensei
English Name: Vice Principal
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 1"
Affiliated: Principal Shinonome
Japanese VA: 中 博史 "Naka hirofumi"
English VA: Charlie Campbell

Kousuke Oura is the vice principal of Tokisadame Highschool. He is also known as Kyoutou-sensei. It is a running gag that the principal is paranoid that he will take his job.


Having the appearance of a normal old man, he has short grey hair with no bangs, a wrinkled face, and large circular glasses. He normally wears a grey undershirt, a collared white shirt, a dark yellow-green tie, dark chino pants, and dark brown shoes.


He is lonesome, proved by him when he thinks he remembers himself he never get any attention from his friends. He is calm, he likes joking with principal

Kousuke Oura

Kousuke Oura already destroyed his liver

In "Episode 11 Part 45 "Where Kousuke Oura in his home, he wants to make a straw doll but he had no string and he doesn't have the necessary straw, he doesn't have money to buy any, his wife is not around him to ask for money, he is hungry, but he has no rice. On time like that make he want to down a bottle of brandy, but he've destroy his liver already.
(Filtered) Principal and Vice Principal

The Principal and the Vice-Principal

He makes a joke as kochou when the ceremony.
A running gag in the show is the principal's paranoia over the vice principal trying to take his job.


Principal Shinonome

Principal Shinonome is the principal of Tokisadame Highschool. He is also known as Kocho-sensei. He is a running gag that the principal is paranoid that he will take his job.


Daughter of Kousuke Oura


Grandson of Kousuke Oura and Daughter of Kimiko

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