Kitsune to Tanuki no Omanuke na Bakashi Ai
04 - Kitsune to Taniku no Omakune na Bakashi Ai
Song by
Song Info
Duration 1:47
Composer Nomi Yuuji
Album Info
Album Nichijou BGM & Radio Bangumi 3
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Kitsune to Tanuki no Omanuke na Bakashi Ai is a musical composition from the Nichijou soundtrack. It was used in Episode 1 (Part 4), Episode 3 (Part 11), Episode 4 (Part 18), Episode 5 (Part 22), Episode 6 (Part 26), Episode 9 (Part 38), Episode 11 (Part 45), Episode 12 (Part 51), Episode 13 (Part 53), Episode 15 (Part 59), Episode 16 (Part 65), Episode 20 (Part 83), Episode 22 (Part 96), Episode 24 (Part 104), and Episode 26 (The Principal and the Vice-Principal).

Notably, this tune begins with a bassoon solo. The oboe later carries the melody, accompanied by a flute and a clarinet.

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