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Kenzaburou Daiku



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Japanese Name: 大工 健三郎
Romanized Name: Daiku Kenzaburō
English Name: Kenzaburou Daiku
First Appearance: Episode 4
Affiliated: Yuria Sekiguchi (Friend)
Japanese VA: 吉崎 亮太
Ryōta Yoshizaki
English VA: Stephen Fu
Kenzaburou Daiku is a second-year student and the president of the igo-soccer club at Tokisadame High School. He is also the heir (or one of the heirs) of the Daiku Zaibatsu (Daiku Corporation). It is revealed later on in the series that his club is actually a legitimate sport by the induction of a new member, Makoto Sakurai.


Regular Daiku.png Summer Daiku.png
Kenzaburou Daiku's Regular Uniform(left) and Summer Uniform(right)
He has light chestnut-brown hair that's rather messy, and eyes shown simply as slim ovals with almost-complete circles around them. He's mostly seen wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with the collar lightly open and also wears long pants.


His opulence is more than Sasahara even he bought his blackbird to sekiguchi, he is a kind person, but his wealth would buy Tokisadame Highschool, he leads igo soccer club.


Yuria Sekiguchi

A fellow member of the igo scoccer club. She had a crush on him of which he was oblivious to, but it was implied that he realizes this by the end of the series.

Makoto Sakurai

He is the new igo soccer club member and he was MVP when he in middle school.


He is an igo soccer club member, but he quit, then he's back again when he knows Manabu Takasaki challenge Makoto Sakurai.

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