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Japanese Name: 桜井 泉
Romanized Name: Sakurai Izumi
English Name: Izumi Sakurai
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 0"
Affiliated: Makoto Sakurai (brother)
Hajime Sakurai (father)
Manabu Takasaki (co-worker)
Principal (head master)
Japanese VA: Mami Kosuge
English VA: Tabitha Ray
Izumi Sakurai is a young, constantly flustered and easily frightened teacher. She is an English teacher, a career adviser and a school counselor, but she is always frightened to give corrective advice to students.


While at work, she is usually seen wearing a green cardigan, a dark beige skirt and the school staff's traditional wooden sandals and white socks.
But when wearing casual clothing, she instead wears a beige pull-over, a blue skirt, and purple shoes. She also ties her hair when going casual.


Izumi is a very polite young woman, but she is usually very shy, flustered, and easily frightened, which makes it rather difficult for her to discipline students. She always thinks that she did something wrong, so she always says sorry a lot and becomes nervous. However, she is noticeably less shy around Makoto, her younger brother.

She is not very good at drawing. For example, during an English test, Yuuko Aioi commented to herself that the thing Izumi had drawn looked like a "monster" that looked like it could be destroyed with a poof.


  • Manabu Takasaki has a crush on her, though she is completely oblivious of this.
  • She seems to like dorayakis.
  • She is 24 years old.
  • Her father is a respected writer. Her mother is implied to have passed away early in her life.
  • A running gag involves Izumi saying something that then echoes in the listener's ear.
  • She might be suffering from a specific form of anxiety called "Social Anxiety". It is typically characterized by an intense fear of what others are thinking about them (specifically fear of embarrassment or humiliation, criticism, or rejection). This explains why she always looks like she's very terrified everywhere she goes or every time she talks to someone.
  • She doesn't like spicy food, as seen in a conversation with Takasaki. When asked about how hot she likes her curry, she replies "Zero spicy".


Makoto Sakurai

Makoto Sakurai is her younger brother. Izumi acts firmly to Makoto. She always goes to his room without knocking.

Manabu Takasaki

Manabu Takasaki has crush on her. Izumi always cheers to him.

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