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E-14 g (14)

Soccer + Igo = Igo Soccer

Stance of the Go Stones

Makoto displays a stance representing Go stones

Igo Soccer (囲碁サッカー) is a rather obscure fictional sport within the Nichijou universe that incorporates elements of Soccer and the game Go (囲碁). What little is known from the gameplay, player must make various stances that represent both the Go board and stones. Other elements of the game include basic Soccer lifting to, lifting with Go stones to, and being put into a one-man German Suplex.

(The most dangerous Sport)

Who can play Igo Soccer


Dangerous stance

He's the MVP when he still High school Student, He becomes the Advisor of Igo Soccer club because blackmailed by Makoto. Ogi said if he'd take it seriously someone could die.


E-14 g (19)

He's the MVP when he at his Middle School. He Joined the club after he seen the giant banners hanging off the side of the school.


E4 - 19

He's the leader of Igo Soccer club and called President. actually Daiku knows virtually nothing about Igo Soccer, but later he can deal with it.[1]


E4 - 20

She's a member of Igo Soccer, Sekiguchi won the International Igo Soccer Championships only just one try.[2]


Ogi star

He only seen as referee on Anime, but he know all the skills and history of Igo Soccer.



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