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Nichijou (HS Bold)


Helvetica Standard Bold

Cover of first Helvetica Standard
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publicaton date July 23, 2011
Parts 1 – 41
Volume List
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Helvetica Standard Italic

This is the first volume of Helvetica Standard. there's a part of :

  • Helvetica Standard.
  • Similar things with nichijou.
  • Arawi's childhood story.
  • Illustrations.


No 00: Room 101

See also: Nichijou Episode 3#Helvetica Standard

A destitute tengu thanks his new landlady for giving him food, even though he hasn't paid his rent yet. The landlady says that people need to help each other out in times of need and that he shouldn't hesitate to ask her for something. The tengu then asks for some money. The landlady replies that just because she gave him some slack doesn't mean he can take advantage of her generosity. The tengu apologizes.

No 01: Death

See also: Nichijou Episode 1#Helvetica Standard

A reaper asks terrified people what it means when one "can't read the atmosphere." A senior reaper floats down and is asked the same question; he replies, "You". (The reaper couldn't read the atmosphere when asking people and see that they were terrified.)

No 02: Escape Route

See also: Nichijou Episode 7#Helvetica Standard

The tengu is running from the reaper, whose scythe he has stolen. The tengu trips over a rock and manages to bounce across a river. He's happy because he thinks he's escaped from the reaper but is forlorn when the reaper begins to fly across the river.

No 03: Combat Instinct

See also: Nichijou Episode 5#Helvetica Standard

Pino is reading the paper and drinking coffee while waiting on her toaster. The pieces of toast not only pop out of the top but are expelled with such force that they slam into the ceiling above. Pino looks up in astonishment, and it is revealed that the toast hit a mouse in the ceiling and knocked it unconscious.

No 04: Chi Ra Shi Zu Shi

See also: Nichijou Episode 9#Helvetica Standard

Pino tries to teach a Namahage how to pronounce "Chirashizushi," but it can't.

No 05: Jyudo

See also: Nichijou Episode 21#Helvetica Standard

During a judo match, one of the fighters slips on a banana peel and lands hard on his back.

No 06: There Are Times When You Forget Something That's Always Been There Even When You're an Adult

See also: Nichijou Episode 19#Helvetica Standard

A possibly possessed man is chasing another chanting, "My glasses, my glasses!", looking for his glasses... which are actually on his head.

No 07: Convenience Store

The unnamed full-time employee asks the part-time employee Hasegawa what Carl Louis' favorite food is. Hasegawa answers that it must be curry rice. The full-time employee tells Hasegawa that the correct answer is pearl rice. Hasegawa tells her, "So. Cool."

Under the title, Employee (Monthly Salary: 160,000 Yen. Type A) and Part-Timer (Hourly Wage: 600 Yen. Type B) are introduced.

No 08: Convenience Store *New*

See also: Nichijou Episode 16#Tico Mart

Yuuko Aioi visits the convenience store and asks for an "Unbearable! Super-Hot Chef's Choice Chicken Bar". Hasegawa laughs and tells Yuuko, "Give me a break." Yuuko runs out of the store crying.

Under the title, Aioi is introduced (First Year High School. Type A-.)

No 09: Procession

In front of a large crowd, a magician takes a yen banknote from Pino and turns it into a kamaboko (fish cake). Everyone, including Pino, is incredibly impressed by the magic trick. It then cuts to a depressed Pino at home, staring at her kamaboko; the magician never turned it back into money.

No 10: Christmas Present

See also: Nichijou Episode 22#Helvetica Standard

Annual Gift Man (aka Santa Claus) visits an excited young boy on Christmas Eve. Santa cheerfully wishes the boy a Merry Christmas and presents him with a package of kabukiage[1] (melon bread in the anime). The boy slaps it out of Santa's hand and begins sobbing as Santa looks at him in shock.

No 11: Convenience Store

The Namahage visits the convenience store and asks for nagugo. Hasegawa cannot understand him. The full-time employee arrives and laughs, telling Hasegawa that he's obviously asking where the bathroom is. Hasegawa tells her, "She is. Hot!!"

The stray Namahage is introduced (Loves chocolate anpan).

No 12: Last Run Hakone

See also: Nichijou Episode 23#Helvetica Standard

A runner in a relay race (Nakamura) starts to run before he's given the ribbon by his exhausted teammate (Gotou), and the teammate begins to lose ground. He passes out while still holding the ribbon, and the university is disqualified.

The runners, Nakamura (A man you can rely on depending on the place. Really weak with alcohol and women. Frighteningly good at shogi.) and Gotou (A name reminiscent of a mountain god. Gets noticed by pros. Real good at soccer.) are introduced as fourth-year members of the Tokisadame University track and field club and as good friends.

No 13: The Rebellion of Guten Burger

A young man tries to buy a burger from one of those vending machines that sell hamburgers. He inserts a ¥10,000 bill. The machine spits out a ¥1000 bill, giving the rest of his change in a deluge of ¥100 coins.

No 14: Jackpot

A man asks the second man to say "pizza" ten times, which he does. The first man then pulls out a visa and asks him what it is. Instead of saying "Vizza" or whatever, the second man just says, "Oh my God!!!" [Although the Japanese word for pizza rhymes with the word for a visa (if Wiktionary and Google Translate are correct.)]

No 15: Unstoppable Friction

See also: Nichijou Episode 13#Helvetica Standard

A boy wearing a hat is mad at his friend for being late. The hatless boy apologizes and says that he thought he was getting on the bus, but was actually getting on [some sort of pun; on with the times?] instead. The first boy falls on his face in disbelief, but then starts moving, essentially turning that action into a form of transportation. He tells his friend they should get there in this manner.

No 16: First Summer

See also: Nichijou Episode 18#Helvetica Standard

A young woman narrates her search for a book that has led her to this library. She pulls out the book she spent so much time and effort to find and slowly opens that book. The insides have been cut out and a handgun placed inside.

No 17: Difference in Character

See also: Nichijou Episode 18#Helvetica Standard 2

A surprised young blonde woman (whose name is revealed in No. 26 to be Waseda-Chan) tells her friend that, somehow, her coffee is not "coffee coffee." Her friend is perplexed, and Waseda-Chan doesn't quite understand it herself. She gives her friend the coffee to try. Her friend takes a sip and is astonished that is indeed not "coffee coffee."

No 18: Kaze ~Gust of Wind~

The boy with the hat is mad at his friend for being late again. The hatless boy responds that even he's surprised, as he thought he was getting on the bus (バス basu), but was actually getting on an eggplant (ナス nasu). The boy in the hat blasts off and tells his friend they should get there in this manner.

No 19: Mikumi

Waseda-Chan is standing outside the public restrooms in astonishment. The men's and women's restrooms only have symbols on their doors, and in between is a door combining both symbols. She cautiously grabs the middle door's handle but is shocked when she's told, "That's not where you go" by a person of indeterminate gender (very feminine hairstyle with ponytails and a tremendous amount of facial stubble).

No 20: High Score

See also: Nichijou Episode 5#Dharma Drop

Yuuko is playing Darumaotoshi in school. She hits a block, which ricochets off a desk and hits Mio Naganohara in the back of the head. She takes the piece and hurls it at Yuuko, who falls back from the force as the Darumaotoshi finishes following. Yuuko gets 100 points.

No 21: You Really Think You Can Open Me in One Go... WHAT?! Kuh... Damn It!!! Ora Ora Ora Ora!!!

Waseda-Chan tries to use her thumb to open a screw cap in one go. She manages to do so, the cap comes flying off, and she is triumphant in victory. The screw cap continues spinning in the air and heads back towards Waseda-Chan. It grinds into her forehead, causing a lot of friction pain.

Under the title, Waseda-chan is introduced (A schoolgirl loaded with the will to challenge.) as a 2nd-year from Megashira High School.

No 22: Shitara Family

See also: Nichijou Episode 13#Reality

The Vice Principal's daughter Kimiko and grandson Mi-chan come to visit him. As his daughter makes lunch, the Vice Principal asks his grandson, Mi-chan, would like to play. Instead, Mic-chan just keeps asking where the Vice Principal's official seal is. As his grandson continues to pester him, the Vice Principal thinks to himself that this is worse than reality.

No 23: The Speed of Wielding and Slamming

See also: Nichijou Episode 24#Helvetica Standard

A girl in school asks her friend, Yumi, who she likes. When Yumi is hesitant, the girl promises that she won't tell anyone; if she ever does, she'll pay Yumi a million yen. Yumi then whispers in her ear that she likes Takashi-kun. The first girl then gets up and tells the entire class that Yumi likes Takashi-kun. Yumi is dumbstruck. The first girl then slams a bundle of banknotes totaling a million yen on Yumi's desk. Yumi continues to be dumbstruck as she picks up the money.

No 24: Tsukanoma no Tawamure (Fleeting Fun)

See also: Nichijou Episode 25#Like Love

Misato Tachibana and Koujirou Sasahara are lost in a field somewhere. Misato blames Sasahara for getting them lost. He says he'll look up their location on his mobile phone, and Misato tells him he sounds like a foreigner and should call it a cell phone. Misato then realizes Sasahara is watching something on his phone and yells at him. When Sasahara asks why she doesn't watch it with him, Misato screams that her phone doesn't have a video on it.

No 25: Shitara Family

See also: Nichijou Episode 16#Catch

The Vice Principal gave his grandson a new baseball glove for his birthday, and now they are playing baseball. The Vice Principal thinks it's cute how happy his grandson is, and tells his grandson that he'll never be able to throw the ball all the way from back there. His grandson then throws a pitch, which is fast and breaks. The Vice Principal catches it and is astounded that he his grandson threw an expert sinker.

No 26: Kezouji Park

See also: Nichijou Episode 1#Wonderful

Mai Minakami is in the park and throws a generic novelty flying disk for her dog, Oguri Cap, who chases after it. Then she shoots the disk, ala skeet shooting, just before Oguri is about to catch it.

Under the title, directions to Kezouji Park are given.

Entitled "Wonderful" in anime.

No 27: First Enshrinement

Waseda-chan and her blue-haired friend are sitting on a crosswalk when Waseda-chan exclaims that they are being enshrined. Her friend asks what she means, and Waseda-chan looks it up in a dictionary before handing it to her. Her friend is shocked and then states that they are being enshrined.

No 28: Room 102

See also: Nichijou Episode 11#Helvetica Standard

The landlady scolds her tenants, a deadbeat tanuki, and a gambler sparrow, for not paying their rent. The sparrow apologizes, but the landlady wants her rent money, not apologies. The tanuki pretends to be asleep, to no avail. The sparrow offers a coin, saying it's not much, but it's all they can pay.

No 29: Our Seki-San

See also: Nichijou Episode 8#Helvetica Standard

A soccer player (Goto) tries to take the jersey of another (Seki-san) because his jersey is going to be retired. Seki-san refuses, saying that since he didn't score at all today wearing this jersey, it's not worthy of being retired. Goto says that's not true, and that he became a soccer player because of Seki-san. Goto finally gets it off and we see the real reason Seki-san didn't want to remove his jersey; he has "This is my life!!" written on a shirt underneath, and both are pretty embarrassed by this.

Under the title, Seki-san (Veteran forward. Can't tell where the goal is. No. 18) and Goto (Former track and field member made it to the pros by going through trials as a company employee. Has speed and endurance and has grown much as the team's center. No. 6) are introduced.

No 30: Sinful Summer- The Weight of a Fist. That Weight Cannot Be Measured.

See also: Nichijou Episode 12#Summer Heat

On a hot summer day, Tsuyoshi Nakanojou chastizes Tanaka for saying how hot it is, again and again. He tells Tanaka that if he says that it's hot one more time, he's going to have to punch him. Tanaka simply switches to another word for "hot", and Tsuyoshi Nakanojou decides he has no other choice but to hit him.

No 31: Spiciness of Curry- When White Becomes Black

See also: Nichijou Episode 25#Curry

Takasaki-sensei tells Sakurai-sensei about a spicy curry restaurant he likes, and asks her how spicy she likes her curry. Sakurai-sensei says she likes her curry spiciness to be at "zero." A flustered Takasaki replies, "Me too!"

No 32: Farm Road

A woman is driving down a country road when she passes someone holding up a sign that says "Round 1". At first confused, she's surprised when she meets a martial arts man in the road, ready to take on her car.

No 33: Skilled Technique

See also: Nichijou Episode 20#Helvetica Standard

A young Shogi player (Nakamura) grimaces as the judge counts the time. As she reaches 10, it is shown that the elder Shogi player (Igarashi) is keeping Nakamura from placing his piece down. Nakamura cries out in dismay as the second judge tells them that time is up.

Under the title, Igarashi Ryuuou (Has accumulated a rainbow of techniques) and Nakamura Nanadan (Former track and field. Became an exceptional pro after working in a company) are introduced.

No 34: Arama-san

Arama-san is buying groceries, and the man at the checkout tells her that he always gets other people to write out receipts because his kanji is so bad. Arama-san writes the receipt in katakana, which the cashier seems to find amusing. The 4koma finishes by saying that Arama-san "just couldn't understand somehow."

Under the title, Arama-san is introduced as a 27-year-old office lady who is single:

Has a habit of saying "Arama", so that became her nickname, but soon after realizing that she stopped saying arama. Works in a stationery company as an accountant. Root for her everyone!

No 35: Desperate Situation

See also: Nichijou Episode 10#NASA

A NASA (or similar) engineer finishes a countdown, and then laughs and says, "If I say it like that!" A surprised astronaut in a rocket blasts off.

No 36: Arama-san - Incidental Coincidence

Arama-san visits a jinja (Shinto shrine) to get her fortune told and receives a slip with "Excellent luck" written on it. She feels thankful to see these handwritten words. While making small talk with the Miko, Arama-san is told that all the fortunes have "Excellent luck" written on them, and Arama-san isn't sure how to feel. She then overhears a young couple's conversation; the man is excited he received "Excellent luck" and asks his partner what her fortune said. The woman just asks him what HE thinks her fortune said. Arama-san then experiences a feeling she just can't describe.

Under the title, Arama-san is given more detail:

Arama-san has times where she falls in love by chance too. Ba-dump!

No 37: Arama-san's Memories

When Arama-san was in grade school, she tossed a coin into her mouth. She then decided to do it in front of everyone, but accidentally swallowed the coin. The teacher called an ambulance, which took her to the hospital. The doctor tells Arama-san that it's lucky she swallowed a 5 yen coin, which has a hole in it; otherwise, she would have suffocated to death. The next day she tearfully apologized to everyone. It's then revealed that Arama-san is remembering all this, which somehow came to mind while she is eating a chikuwa.

Under the title, Arama-san is given more detail:

Her favorite bird is machikanetanheuser! Keep cheering for her everyone!

No 38: Memories II

In another memory from grade school, Arama-san and her friend are on their way home from school. Her friend asks her, "Do you know what one half of buffering is made of?" Arana-san considers answering with "Kindness," but fears she'll not only lose but me made fun of. So instead she answers with another question: "Well, what do you think half of me is made of?" Her friend answers with "kindness." A slight gentle breeze comes by...

No 39: Burger Trap Time

A girl (who looks a lot like a blonde Mai) is faced with a doorstop trap like Mai pulled on Yuuko, but instead of an eraser, a hamburger bun is stuck at the top of the door frame. She looks down and sees that the rest of the hamburger is on the ground in between the door and the door frame. She adjusts her glasses.

No 40: And Thus the Morning Sun Rises Again

In an intense and dramatic scene, a man has bought a bag of tongari corns (Japanese Bugles, the cone-shaped corn chips) and laments that he can't fit them on his fingertips anymore.

No 41: Angels

Pino is bored and says she and Mono Eye should have a "Stuff in Summer" showdown. Mono Eye wonders what "Stuff in Summer" is. Pino calls out, "When you eat shaved ice your head goes ding!" and then tells Mono Eye it's her turn. Mono Eye thinks for a while before saying, "It's really hot and you feel really sluggish." Pino considers her answer and tells her that's not what "Stuff in Summer" is. She says it's stuff that usually happens in summer. So Mono Eye tries again, saying "The mosquitoes get really annoying."

Below the title, First Class Angel Pino (Easily influenced angel. Likes bavarois.) and Second Class Angel Mono Eye are introduced.

Comic Communication

These Nichijou comics were quietly serialized in a monthly paper distributed to bookstores for promotional purpose. Since the publication schedule of Nichijou volumes was sometimes pretty slow, many of them ended up having a little effect as promotional material, so they became a little corner of freeform comics. Some of them were adapted into the main Nichijou series.

Similar things with Nichijou (still Helvetica Standard)

Episode 1 (Motivation)

Yuuko tells Mio that she can't get motivated to do anything today. Mio tells Yukko that she'll be motivated once she starts doing something. Yukko asks Mio how do she got motivated enough to start doing it. Mio says to Yukko "you just gotta do it!". Then Yukko then gets inspired to do so.

Episode 2 (Cleaning)

Nano asks Hakase to help her gather up the trash around the house. Hakase says she might still be a little too young for that. then she going to go play for a bit.

Episode 5 (It's me-ow!)

Hakase wears a black cat's ears and tail. Then she calls her self a cat. Nano think that's moe! And they continue for a while.

Episode 6 (Twice Cooked Pork)

Yukko makes Mio some food. and challenges Mio to guess her secret ingredient. Upon trying it, Mio determines that not only is the secret ingredient miso, but it's only all she can taste. It is quite unpalatable.

Episode 6 (Count to 10)

Nano and Hakase are taking a hot bath together. Hakase asks if she can get out, but Nano says she can't get out until she's counted to ten. Hakase shouts, "20log√10!", a logarithmic equation equivalent to ten. Nano tells Hakase she can't do that; she has to count to ten: one, two... Hakase sinks in disappointment.

Episode 8 (Popcorn)

Hakase throws a kernel of popcorn into the air and tries to catch it in her mouth. She fails. Out of wrath, she hurls the tub of popcorn at Sakamoto.

Episode 9 (Mosquito)

Nano kills a mosquito but then faints at the sight of such violence.

- Another peaceful day in the Shinonome Household.

Episode 9 (Self-Control)

Yukko sits in front of a fan; taped to the front is a sign that says "No vocalizing allowed." Yukko struggles not to succumb to her urges for childish fun.

Episode 10 (Blue Note)

Nano and Hakase are playing trumpets, They can't play well. Sakamoto annoyed and tells them to quiet down, Miles David is rolling in his grave.

Episode 10 (Soap)

Mai blows a bubble and then... eat it.

Episode 10 (Invincible Alien)

Yukko gives a paper bag to Hakase. she says if we wear these, we'll be invincible. then they wear the paper bag on their head. Hakase, ask Yukko "what do we do that we're wearing 'em?" Yukko remain silent, and shouts "Yaaaay!", then they shout together. Nano seeing them playing and say "looks like fun!"

Episode 11 (Next, Sakamoto)

Nano reads a book, then Hakase shows up and plays "guess who?", Nano correctly guesses it's Hakase. Hakase says "Bingo". Nano tells Hakase Nano points out it's obvious since Hakase is the only other person in the house. Then Hakase tells Nano it's her turn. Nano plays along, and Hakase correctly "guesses" it's Nano. Sakamoto wakes up and just watching them play.

Episode 12 (Business Card)

Hakase gives Sakamoto her business card. She begins to laugh while Sakamoto panics asking himself what he's supposed to do with a business card.

Episode 16

Yukko and Hakase play "The first annual comic communication cup cool phrase showdown". Yukko starts and gets down on one knee while pretending to hold someone's body. Acting out a scene where someone dies, Yuuko says to an imagined victim, "Hey... you can't be serious. Get up... Get up!" For Hakase's turn, she just says "rhinoceros beetle", Yukko guess that counts. to each other... and, it's a draw.

Episode 17 (Heated Table)

Nano is reading at the table. Hakase is lying her head on the table, on the verge of falling asleep. Nano sees this and shakes the Professor by the shoulder. She tells her, "If you don't sleep in your bed, you'll catch a cold." Hakase groggily tells Nano, "Just a little longer..." She then falls asleep completely. Surprised, Nano cries out, "She got me!"

Episode 18 (Sleep)

Sakamoto seeing Hakase and Nano to sleep, Hakase fell out asleep just say one sheep jumped over on fence. Sakamoto shock, Nano fell asleep before the sheep jumped over on fence. Astonished, Sakamoto thinks, "The sheep didn't even to jump..."

Episode 20 (Heno Heno)

Hakase and Nano have tied a sack over their head to scaring Sakamoto. Terrified, Sakamoto staggers about, unable to escape. He tries to ask them to cut it out, stammering in fear. Sweating bullets, he asks them to at least tell him why they're doing this!

Episode 20 (Melon Bread)

Yukko eats a Melon Bread. There is a sticker which reads, "Best before date located on the back of bread.", Yukko wants to see it but she already eats the half.

Episode 21 (Sunday Night)

Nano just finished taking a bath, she sees Hakase and Sakamoto sleeps. Nano smiles warmly and turns off the light as she goes to bed, too. The three sleep peacefully.

Episode 21 (Cry of Youth)

Nano and Hakase are on a heated table and watching TV, it appears to be a drama. Nano is watching the television, blushing, her hand in front of her open mouth. "Time... for us to kiss." the man says. Nano gasps and, flustered, quickly asks, "P-professor, would you like some snacks?" She then sees that Hakase is asleep. Seeing Hakase asleep, Nano calms down a little. She places her hands underneath the blanket on her lap and pulls it up to her shoulders as she watches the scene on television.

Episode 22 (A Certain Christmas Short)

Nano asks Hakase what she going to ask Santa Claus for, Hakase wants chocolate, colored pencil, cake shaped eraser and something else. Then Nano wants to ask for cartons of eggs, 1lb of beef, a novel by Kigo Higashino, but Hakase interrupts her. Nano starts crying and says "oh...". Hakase feels bad for making Nano sad and tries to tell Nano, "You can still ask for a little...".

Episode 23 (Accident)

Sakamoto is sleeping peacefully as Hakase walks into the room. Hakase notices him and gets an idea. She sits down next to Sakamoto and then lies on her back, using Sakamoto as a pillow. Sakamoto is rudely awoken.

Episode 24 (Hypnosis)

Mio swings a coin with a string through the hole in its center, staring intently at Yuuko, who watches the coin swing back and forth. Suddenly, Yuuko lunges forward and bites the coin, then they start blushing.

Episode 25 (Nap)

Sakamoto sees Nano and Hakase take a nap on the floor at home. and then begins napping on Hakase's stomach. Hakase wakes up, and then begins napping by lying down on Nano, who is lying on her side; Sakamoto still on her stomach.

Manga volume 4

A girl with a yellow hair, (Tamamura), see a copy of, placed in a trap consisting of a wicker basket, held up by a stick with a rope attached to it. Hakase looks Tamamura take something on her bag, she shows a copy of nichijou volume 4 too. Hakase impressed.

Manga : Guerrilla Impulse

Mai throws a paper plane. the paper plane flies back to her, then Mai catches it, and eat it.


Yukko takes a mochi in front of monk statue when she almost eats it, Yukko discovers a below of mochi and it's written: "please don't write about this on your blog".


Yukko reads a letter. she says it's too hard to read because the letters are too small, it's written "The nichijou Wikipedia page lists the author's website as Kamomadori instead of Kumomadori", then she found 10 yen.


Nano came home and see Hakase and Sakamoto talking, Hakase say "I'm gonna read it now" and Sakamoto says sure, Hakase says "nichijou vol. 3 is available in stores this coming July", Nano impressed and say "Oh ho...!"


Hakase pulled up a sea anemone, Nano says to Hakase there's no time to be pulling up a sea anemone, Nano says nichijou Vol. 3 comes out this summer! Hakase impressed and say "OH! Supernova!"


Hakase came home and caught a chicken, Nano tells her this is no time to catching chickens. nichijou volume 4 comes out this winter! Hakase impressed, and can't wait another second.


Hakase caught a little bear. Nano tells her this is no time to be catching bears, Nano tells Hakase nichijou volume 5 comes out in the fall. Hakase Impressed and then bears are out of the question.


Nano drops something, then Gentleman noticed and picks up and return what Nano dropped. it's a copy of nichijou volume 5.


Hakase is playing around. Hakase tries to ask Nano and Sakamoto to pick any hands and meanwhile Nano and Sakamoto trying to avoid causing a temper tantrum.


Hakase invented something that she doesn't really understand. Nano tells Hakase there is no time to invent something that she doesn't really impressed. Nano tells Hakase nichijou is going to be made into an Anime. Hakase impressed and say "D'OH!"


Yukko sings a kids song "The wheels on the bus", she added Ashikaga Takauji into the lyric. Mio complains about it.


Hakase asks Nano can she put a ketchup by herself. Nano say "sure, go on!", Hakase makes a smiley face on her omelet rice. Hakase really enjoyed. Then she's just looking at it. Nano tells Hakase to eat her omelet rice.


Hakase is crying, she doesn't want Yukko to go. Then Yukko tries to cheers up Hakase. and she's managed it.


Yukko got a free drink from the vending machine for the first time ever. Yukko asks Mio to cheek her to make sure it's not a dream. Mio tells Yukko "why you make such a big deal out of everything~! just because you got a free drink" Mio cheeks Yukko and it getting longer. Yukko says "what's with this refreshing stretchiness?" Yukko was dreaming.


Yukko tells Mio that she's not ready to move on from the New Year's holiday mood. January it's almost over and asks Mio. Mio Tells Yukko to just gotta move on!


Hakase caught some kinda weird thing. Nano tells Hakase this is no time to be catching some kinda weird thing. Nano tells Hakase nichijou volume 6's Special Edition comes out March 12th. and the regular edition comes out in the latter half of March. Hakase says "It's been more than a year, so I forgot all about it!!!"


Hakase asks Sakamoto how is a comic book made. Sakamoto tells Hakase You need a writer, an editor, a publisher, a designer, a printer... Basically, all kinds of people work together to make a comic book. Meanwhile, a Pelican is on the top of a roof, shaking, and trying to gives a copy of nichijou volume 6.


  1. A brand of deep-fried rice crackers, flavored with sweet soy sauce. Originally, each cracker had the kamon (family crest) of kabuki actors, hence the name.