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Japanese Name: バディ
Romanized Name: Buddy
English Name: Buddy
First Appearance: "Nichijou Episode 14"
Affiliated: Yuuko Aioi (spiritual connection)
Kiyoshi (owner)
Japanese VA: Minoru Shiraishi
English VA: Tyler Walker
Buddy is a recurring character in the series. He is a mysterious dog who appears to comfort Yuuko Aioi after an unfortunate event, implying a possible spiritual connection between the two. He will sometimes appear with a smaller dog (Co-Buddy) identical to him if Yuuko is with another person.


Buddy is a sandy brown dog with light brown fur on his stomach.


Buddy is a compassionate dog whenever he wants to be, while Yuuko was chasing her shoe on a car and the car just goes away, she chases the car and tripped down and after that, an unknown white dog took her other shoe. As Yuuko, crumbled to the ground in defeat then Buddy came back to comfort her.


Yuuko Aioi

Buddy and Yukko

Buddy comforting Yukko

Oftentimes, when Yukko finds herself in an unfortunate situation, he will appear next to her, placing his paw (in her hand, on her shoulder, and on her lower back.


Buddy's owner, after Buddy runs away he can be seen chasing after him.

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