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09 - Aogeba Toutoshi
Song by Sasaki Sayaka
Song Info
Romaji Aogeba Toutoshi
English title Song for the close of school
Duration 1:34
Lyricist Unknown; commonly attributed to Shūji Isawa, among others
Composer H.N.D.
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Album Info
Album Nichijou no Gasshou Kyoku
Release Oct 5, 2011
Record Lantis
Catalog LACA-15151
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Song for the close of school 仰げば尊し (Aogeba Tōtoshi) is an ending-credits song from Episode 22 of Nichijou and performed by Sasaki Sayaka.

About This Song

Aogeba Tōtoshi first appeared in Japan in 1884, when it was included in a book of songs for primary-school students by the Ministry of Education, led by education reformer Shūji Isawa; other details regarding the songs origin are unknown. A school standard, the song became controversial after World War II, both for its worshipful attitude towards teachers that seemed at odds with a now-democratic Japan and its strong association with the old regime.

In 2011, a Japanese professor announced that he had discovered that a song entitled "Song for the Close of School", published in a book of songs for schoolchildren in 1871, had the same melody as Aogeba Tōtoshi.


仰げば尊し わが師の恩
教えの庭にも はや いくとせ
おもえば いと疾し このとし月
いまこそ 別れめ いざさらば

Aogebatootoshi waga shi no on
oshie no niwa ni mo haya iku-tose
omoeba itotoshi kono to shi tsuki
ima koso wakare-me iza saraba

-no lyric-

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